Sonicwall Alerts and Notifications Support can be found when you purchase one of the Sonicwall support packages.  Alternately, Google it or defer to this site to get you going.  Not sure how the alerts are fired off?   Read below and digress to troubleshooting from there.


SMTP Notifications

SMTP Notifications are critical for understanding what is happening on your network.  We have a couple SMTP servers we commonly use.  Office 365 and Gmail servers.

ProTip!  Turn off alerts and enable just simple logging.  You went get a slew of unnecessary Sonicwall messages if you do otherwise.

Gmail SMTP is as follows: 587 Auto Encryption or STARTTLS
user name: full email address

Office 365 is as follows:Sonicwall Alerts and Notifications Support 25 StartTLS SMTP Authentication



Sonicwall Support Services Email Alerts, Logs, and Notifications

Additional Resource:

We setup a series of illustrations to help you understand where the notifications are coming from and how to contain them to only the most important ones.  The last one thing you want is to start ignoring important email notifications but what is important?  There’s a whole spectrum of importance.  There are alerts and log dumps via email based on what your log policies are set to.

The three most important columns in the first illustration are priority, alert and email.


Sonicwall Alerts and Notifications Support









The next illustration is a slew of port scan emails containing “alerts” of port being scanned.  These scans are pretty common but if you get too many from that external source…


  • You will have to send a cease and desist letter to them.
  • Feel like you are losing a never end port scan battle?  Turn off the port scan alert notification.

ProTip!  Don’t know what Sonicwall is alerting you?  Check out the MAC address in the subject line… 18B1XXXXXXXXX

sonicwall support services


Look for “possible port scans detected” alerts under Security Services, Attacks


Sonicwall Alerts and Notifications Support

Uncheck boxes and change drop down selection to reduce notifications



Remove “notice” Email Dumps

To not receive the “notice” you need to change the priority on the logging level or disable the check box under email dump.

Sonicwall Alerts and Notifications Support









This may be relate-able to Active Directory where you apply group policy at the top the hierarchy; and it applies to everything.  However, you can change things in the lower level so it doesn’t apply to the top level rule.



Sonicwall Alerts and Notifications Support




Illustrated below are more low level rules or alerts that can be enabled under Log and Settings.  Sonicwall notifications can be annoying but we provide the Sonicwall support services necessary to avoid these issues.

Sonicwall Alerts and Notifications Support









More Low Level Rules (examples) for Silencing Unnecessary Notifications

Email (Possible TCP Flood) Example:





How to Adjust Firewall Log Settings:

Sonicwall Alerts and Notifications Support









Great, who do I notify of these blasts?

We have TWC – Spectrum.  Find out what the contact is for reporting internet abuse at your ISP.  There is also a contact at the Federal Level.

Spectrum Reporting Internet Abuse
855 222-7342


Sonicwall Alerts and Notifications Support Summary


There are many different resources out there for Sonicwall Alerts and Notifications Support.  Hopefully, this will get you pointed in the right direction.


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