Spam Protection IT Service
Spam Protection IT Service

Don’t know where to start with improving your cyber security? Our spam protection IT service professionals break down the process for you.

Many of us struggle so much with managing our unruly inbox that only a roadmap guide to spam protection IT services will help you see light. Hiring a business operations consultant to assist in the delegation of responsibilities and updating operational efficiencies is one way to temper the inbox, but you’re probably here to try and fend off phishing emails yourself.  

We created this post to keep you from having to go down the rabbit hole that is Youtube. This post will provide step-by-step consultation on spam protection IT services for you, your organization, and your IT administrator to digest at moderate pace. 

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Step 1: How to Report Malicious Emails the Easy Way

– We all get annoying and sometimes very malicious emails that can compromise your banking, email, and personal/professional life. Click the above link to find out how to report messages in Microsoft Defender ATP, a feature of some 365 Business licenses. 

Read the post here.


Step 2: How to Quickly View Emails Quarantined in Microsoft Defender: Release Emails from Quarantine in Office 365 by Request

– This is where things get complicated. I guarantee that you are missing legitimate emails in your inbox due to the Microsoft Defender ATP “quarantine” feature. Our best practice workflow suggests that the end-user defers to the above link for learning how to review the emails in quarantine and send a support ticket to your IT administrator.   

– The administrator for Microsoft Defender ATP will then submit “quarantined” messages to Microsoft for Analysis. They can then approve the release of the message     

– The above link also educates your IT administrator on alternative ways for IT to get notified of end-user release request and user’s reporting malicious emails. 

Discover the steps for reviewing your emails here.


Step 3: 7 Quick Steps to Centralized Deployment of the Report Message Add-in in Outlook 

– The first step is individual, the next step is the organization. Even if you are using best practices to filter spam and phishing emails, it doesn’t ensure that everyone in your business is doing the same thing. If one person decides to open a sketchy-looking email, it could negatively impact everyone. 

– This post goes over the instructions to make sure one person, a group of people, or your whole organization has that Report Message button in their email. Don’t forget to read the ‘Before We Begin’ section first. 

Learn all about centralized deployment in this post.


Step 4: Office 365 email spam filter IT support: Our Essential Email Filter Recommendations 

– Many people assume that the spam filter that’s built into their email is sufficient, but that’s not always the case. According to, “Phishing attacks account for 36% of all US data breaches…and 83% of all companies experience a phishing attack each year.” With such prevalent threats, it’s important that businesses and individuals do their research and footwork in protecting themselves. 

– This blog post lists NetworkAntics’ professional opinions on various email filter services and gives our recommendations for the best spam filters and phishing practices. 

Get NetworkAntics’ expert recommendations on email filters.


Step 5: Phishing Awareness Training Plus 3 Expert Tips to Avoid Phishing Emails 

It would be great if we could rely on our 365 email spam filters to do all of the work for us, but the reality is that, even with email filters, it is up to user discretion to know how to spot a phishing email if or when it gets into our inbox. 

– Equipping yourself and your team with the tools that phishing awareness training has to offer is a critical line of defense against the huge losses that come with getting scammed. In this article, we give tips on how to spot malicious emails and our recommendations for good phishing awareness trainings. 

– Explore the best options for phishing awareness training here.


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Spam Protection IT Service: A 5-Step Guide to Managing 365 Defender ATP emails Summary 

Cyber security is more crucial than ever, with businesses and individuals losing big time with the simple click of the mouse. In this case, however, there are many lines of action you can take in order to protect yourself. Simply taking the time to learn how to report messages, check your email quarantine, and spot phishing emails that have slipped past your 365 email filter can make all the difference in spam protection for your business. Beyond that, phishing awareness training arms trainees with the knowledge and vigilance to have that extra edge in keeping your data secure.  

Tired of putting out fires? We have a team of experts in managed IT services and spam protection IT services, so all tech problems are dealt with before you even know they’ve happened. Contact NetworkAntics today to see how we can help you focus on what you’d rather be doing.

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