Managed Network Infrastructure Services

  • Are you concerned about the stability of your network?
  • Does it feel like you are always waking up to an unplanned network event?
  • Is your network IT equipment failing?

Unprepared businesses waste time and money reacting to preventable IT wonkiness and security issues, some of which can be catastrophic to a business. We support and replace your network router, switch, and WiFi Access Point for free when they fail. We Manage & Maintain Your Router, Switch, and WiFi Access Points.

Don’t already have business grade network equipment? No Problem. We can implement the hardware for you.

The Office 365 Exchange Email Server Deployment & Migration Project

We replace your old and clunky email server with a modern cloud system.

We will configure Microsoft 365 account and domain settings for mail flow within your organization. This project includes a transition of all of your resource mailboxes and existing users from the on-premises exchange or hybrid mailing servers to Microsoft 365.  Also included, is the configuration of the security domain signatures and security & compliance policies to insures standard and secure emailing and data security.  We will determine and advise on selecting a proper MS 365 license for your business needs.  Instructing and training users on how to install and utilize the MS 365 apps on their computers and mobile devices.  While we offer a base scope of services below, we are willing and able to additional work with the additional user migrations add-ons. Migration from other mailing services and New Setup.

Paid Add-Ons

  • Additional User Migrations
  • Azure Synchronization with on-premise Windows Server AD
  • PST Transfer to O365. 1 user include in base offering.
  • Backup solution setup and configuration
  • Exchange hybrid deployment

Sustainable World Development

We Configure, Deploy, Manage & Maintain Your VPN Solution.

The following information is used to design multiple hardware and software based solutions:

  • A stable and redundant VPN and remote work solution is required with high uptime
  • Segmented VPN solution from third party organization.
    As this VPN solution can be placed in another network, it needs to be separated from the clients LAN as much as possible.
  • Seamless deployment for networks that have various internet service providers, routers, and switching equipment.
  • Solution meets high level of security and HIPAA compliance
  • Built in flexibility for segmenting different branches from each other, as well as to allow inter-branch communication when required.
  • A reliable, stable, and fast remote worker solution, via software VPN or VPN physical device, with the ability to limit and allow access to different parts of the network.
  • Experience both local and international needs to fast and incredibly reliable.

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