File Sharing Services
File Sharing Services

File sharing services have exploded in popularity for cloud usage since DropBox came around.  The struggles of communicating via email in a 5 meg or 10 meg world are real.  CAD files, Adobe files, and a lot of digital media place a real constraint on what you can share.  FTP just wasn’t cutting it.  Subscription services alleviate these issues but this solution quickly adds in the cost per user over infinite years of having the service.  The best file synchronization and sharing services are as follows:

Want to share Synology file links to coworkers and friends?

Check out our other post on a couple of the Synology file sharing services that offer the ability to share file links.

Need a high speed, modern version of FTP?  Try Presto by Synology.

The freemium services may not be sufficient for your business needs especially when engaging in video production projects.  Presto is a Synology File Sharing services specifically dedicated to dropping the file into your Synology Diskstation Manager and making sure it arrives all the way around the world in a time that would make you think twice about using FedEx for delivery.

The bare minimum Synology NAS requirements needed for high speed data carried across continents, hot-swapable drives, and can plug in external HDD’s.  is something like a Synology DS1618+.  Licenses are expensive for Synology Presto.  Make sure the licensing is not barrier to entry for your team.   License are priced by bandwidth capacity.   The Synology will need to be upgraded to the Synology Dual-Port 10 GB SFP+ PCIe 3.0 x8 Ethernet adapter first if you do proceed.  The computer will need a have a 10GbE (most don’t by default)port or you can purchase a Single-Port Thunderbolt 3 to Single-Port 10GbE Nbase-T RJ-45.   The alternative ethernet adapter is this guy.   This will enable you to copy file over your LAN network via fast Ethernet.   Here are a couple options on the switch side.

Dropbox advertises quick file transfers.  The definition of quick these days for sending a large file is up to a 100 GB but DropBox isn’t ideal for everyone.  Synology advertises 1TB transfer to finish around 12 hours on a Gigabit broadband.  For most others, we are use to 100 megabit.  This would take 24 hours.

Synology file sharing services






Synology File Sharing Support Summary

FTP is more present than every.  It’s just a lot more robust and simplified since then.

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