Synology Moments User Setup
Synology Moments User Setup

Synology Moments User Setup is pretty straight forward compared to Synology DS Photo.  Synology Moments can be in most cases, a complete replacement for DS Photo.


I’m not using Synology Moments!

Click here to proceed with learning about the new app called Synology Photos.


  • Install the package Synology Moments on your Synology DiskStation.
  • Enable user specific access from the administrator user account in DiskStation Manager


Synology Moments User Setup







  • Download, install, and configure Moments app from the Apple app store or Play.struggling with synology

The Address or Quickconnect ID section that the user needs to fill in is usually port DDNS name or Domain Name (address).
Note: I advise against using QuickConnect. Disable the service.

    • “Address or QuickConnect ID”
      • No specific port after name needed
      • Address Example
        • Own a domain name?
        • Utilizing Synology DDNS?
    • Each user is specific to Moments
    • Enable HTTPS

Note: This won’t work unless you perform port forwarding for DSM ports on your router.

Make sure you purge your years of mobile phone photos of redundant and unnecessary pictures before backing up.  This is actually really quick procedure on the iPhoto “photos” and Google’s Photo app because you can drag your thumb over several photo to mark for deletion.  I organized two years worth of photos in less than 20 minutes.

Access Photos & TroubleshootingSynology Moments User Setup

  • Make sure you Enable Home Folders service (personal drives) for Synology Moments User Setup to work.
  • Critical service for Synology Moments and Personal Data backups. The home folders are auto-created when using the service.File Explore Viewing of pictures – Better organization than DS Photo

The first illustration is from Moments “iphone” folder

Synology Moments User Setup








File Explore Viewing of pictures – The second illustration is from DS Photo where it stashes my Pixel and my iphone in one folder labeled “18” and neglects to create or organize folders by date. Do you notice the file and folder structure difference when you perform Synology Moments User Setup vs DS Photo setup?  All Synology Moments photos are sorted in folders, not a mass dump of files.

Synology Moments User Setup








Web Browser Viewing of pictures

Synology Moments User Setup












Synology Moments User Setup Summary

Synology Moments user setup is hands down way easier to setup and use than DS Photo.  I’m not sure why all the crummy app reviews.  I will continue to play around with this app and update this post as things evolve.


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