Synology Photo Station Setup and Photo Backup
Synology Photo Station Setup and Photo Backup

Synology Photo Station Setup and Photo Backup can be a pretty cumbersome process for anyone not familiar with the quirks operating the Synology Diskstation Manager.   We put together a series of Synology Photo Station Setup and Photo Backup steps so you don’t have to.

Alternatively, switch to Synology Moments and be done with the cumbersome process of setting up and maintaining Synology Photo Station.

I’m not using Synology Moments or PhotoStation!

Click here to proceed with learning about the new app called Synology Photos.


Photo Station is ideal for individuals who consume a lot of space on the smart phone with photos and media and need a place to archive it. Photographers and families come to mind when using this. However, basic phone users may struggle this application. Contact for Synology file server support. The alternative iPhone app is buying more iCloud storage or tethering a cable to computer and making a local back up to your computer. With that said, here’s a quick note for a Synology Diskstation Photo Station Setup and LogMeIn

  1. Photo Station Setup

• Initiate Photo Station Service within Disk Station Manager.
• Enable user accounts that need photo station access

Photo Station Setup








2. Log into the accounts that need Photo Sharing Service.

Please login into the personal user account and go to the far right corner of the screen > Option >  Personal > Photo station and make sure that the personal photo station has been enabled. This allows the user to have it’s own photo station basically.

* Make sure you activate the user home service first before enable personal photo station service. Home Service creates Home Folders for each user account.struggling with synology

Additional features in “PhotoStation” not “photostation – admin” that need to be enabled under the administrator DSM account are listed below.

 synology photo station

DS Photo App Troubleshooting

You must login with the user account not the admin account for viewing your personal photos in DS Photo that are backed up in the Synology.
When you are on the login page, there will be a blue (see pic right below) arrow pointing up. On the right side of the username field.
Tap this to expand another text field. Here, you can specify the personal PhotoStation account to log into.

NOTE:  I was reintroduced to the problem and I forgot the fix.

The error received was  “connection status: upload suspended” and I could not backup or browse my backed up photos.  Two things I recommend after checking all the settings above:

  • my cached history (second pic)  was pointed to some bad credentials.  I selected the diskstation url/~Michael to authenticate correctly.  Basically, you are not only authenticating to the Synology DSM but the program DS Photo.  It’s a little wonky but it works fine after that.
  • Enable your WiFi on your phone.  Backing up by default is done over WiFi not your cell phone data plan.


Synology Photo Station Setup and Photo Backup Summary

Make sure your Synology is setup for port forwarding.  Otherwise, the rest of this guide won’t work.


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