Synology to synology backup
Synology to synology backup

Synology to Synology Backup is pretty sweet and useful for a variety of environments.  We go into more detail about the general use of Synology Hyper Backup or backup to external disk is located on another post but continue reading Synology to Synology backup here for backing up your NAS data to completely separate office site or house.  Rough post, sorry… more improvements to come.

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Data Recovery Support for Hyper Backup – Remote Synology Setup Steps

A nice video was put together on the topic as well.

Synology Vault

Log on to the Synology Diskstation Manager of the NAS that will store the back and setup the vault.  To establish remote backup storage connectivity or Hyper Vault on the firewall, refer to Remote Access Firewall post to port forwarding the correct ports.

Synology Hyper Backup

Log on to the Synology Diskstation Manager of the NAS you wish to backup.  Select Hyper Backup, Destination Backup – Remote Synology NAS




back up to AWS

Backup Destinations Settings

  • Synology Server Name:   Enter the Synology DDNS Name
  • Enable Transfer Encryption
  • Username: Input the user account AKA service account of the destination Synology box
  • Shared Folder:  Please create a shared folder called “backup” on the destination Synology box

Data recovery support


Encrypting backups

Data recovery Support

Data Folder Settings

Check mark the shared folders that need backing up.  The “homes” folder contain all the Windows and Apple Cloudstation Client backup agent backups.  Please discuss with client what other shared folders should be selected and or review actively used shares and remove unnecessary data from backup.


Application Backup

Photo Station is a good one to backup.  These are configuration files that don’t consume a lot of space.  Backing them up should be heavily consider along with the configuration file for the Synology itself.  See Configuration Backup Section at the very bottom of this post.

Set Schedule

  • Enable task notification
  • Compress backup data
  • Enable backup schedule (default ok)
  • Enable integrity check schedule (defaults ok)

Final Step – Rotation Settings

Change to Smart Recycle and select 35 versions

Hyper backup rotation Settings











Backup Deletion

You also have the option to delete not only the schedule but the data residing remotely on the other Synology if you need to do so.

Delete backup









Synology Configuration Backup

Please backup the configuration of the Synology and place somewhere other than the Synology itself.  For us, we place in our client’s folder we store for them.


Bonus Resources



Synology to Synology Backup Summary

This post covers all the options for backup through the Synology NAS using Hyper Backup.  We broke down step by step setup of the external drive setup and we have additional posts to cover the other critical ways to pursue backup of your organization.

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