there is no internet connection
there is no internet connection


There is no internet connection is the infamous message that appears across all computers using Google Chrome web browser.  We created steps on how to troubleshoot internet when there your browser is claiming there is no internet connection.   It’s more difficult troubleshoot the internet connection as the business scales in size but hey, that never stopped us from having a good time.  The majority of the troubleshooting your internet centers around the ping tool.  Ping in windows can be brought up through searching for “cmd”   The alternative on mac can be found in the terminal under finder, select “go”, and click utilities.

Always run a ping -t  in the background as you perform these test.  Your running “ping” test should like this…..

there is no internet connection

Ping the Verizon DNS server located at


Wired vs Wireless Ping Results

Wired should be way more consistent than wireless as laptop or wireless computer is further and further away from the access point.

Small Network or Workgroup Environment

Make sure you run your tests from multiple within the same vicinity of the router and access point.  Please remember wired connection is how you troubleshoot your internet initially.

More Intense Troubleshooting of “there is no internet connection”


  • Start with a direct “wired” connection test from cable modem to laptop
    • Sometimes the easiest way to see where the problem lies is to capture internet results from the first point of entry known as your modem or testing the circuit.
  • Review your pings to see if your connection improves
    • They are tools out there to log your result. Otherwise, purchase the likes of a Sonicwall Router to help manage the logging of your ping results.
  • Make sure your laptop you are using or the user’s machine is not the culprit.
    • Check CPU utilization and memory to make sure they are not sucking up resources. Reboot the computer and or try testing from multiple computers within the same vicinity of each other.
    • ProTip! Restart your computer to rid your computer of possible resources corrupting the results of your tests.
  • Run
    • This should be the first and last test you run now that you know how to run a simple ping test. Make sure your internet provider is actually providing the speeds you purchased from a wired connection.
  • Call your cable or phone provider.
    • Regardless of what you do here, you may have determined through various troubleshooting steps here that problem lies with your internet service provider. Give them a shout!
  • But my ping replies are good, no timeout, and no latency… ie low latency
    • Ask someone if they dust off an old but reliable Linksys or Netgear for a week and see how it plays in your network environment.
  • There is no internet connection on my browser but the ping test say the internet is active.
    • Maybe it needs five minutes to jive if you reset your modem and router, or maybe it’s your DNS setting acting up?
  • I think it’s my computer’s wifi adapter.
    • Buy another USB wifi nub.  They are like $30
  • What hardware do you recommend if it’s the router?
  • What hardware do your recommend if it’s the access point?
    • We created a list below of preferred network devices. ProTip!  Please make sure the hardware vendor has warranty support for Amazon products or contact us; and we can direct you where to purchase.
Recommended Network Devices
Cisco SG200-26 Gigabit Ethernet Smart Switch  24 Port – Cisco – POE Switch 270 1 270
SonicWall TZ300 Network Security/Firewall Appliance Router 340 1 340
Ruckus Wireless ZoneFlex R500 Wireless Access Point 350 1 350


There is no internet Summary

Congrats! You know the basics on how to troubleshoot your internet. For more intense summary or education, pick up a starter book called JumpStart TCP/IP or just call us.

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