troubleshooting and support for eclinicalworks
troubleshooting and support for eclinicalworks

Need some help troubleshooting and support for eClinicalworks?  Here’s some tips:

NOTE:  We are not eClinicalworks.  We maintain infrastructure for businesses who have eClinicalworks.  We are in the business of maintaining long term relationships with our medical groups and hospitals who sign up for our sevices.  Please do not contact us for quick inquiries on how to perform a function on eCW.  eCW #508 475-0450

  • We are fans of Windows 7 and 10 operating systems for deploying eClinicalworks.
    • Make sure you upgrade Windows 7 this year as it will reach it’s end of life starting January 2019.
    • Do not upgrade to the next fancy OS until a good year or two after it’s release.
  • Ask questions
    •   Talk to your eCW account manager before upgrading.  Will your IT environment work the same prior to the upgrade?
  • Make sure your hardware is compatible!
    • Any time you upgrade your eCW, OS, and computer things that were stable one day, break the next.  Make sure expensive items like your Fujitsu Scanner and fickle hardware like Dymo Label Maker is on eClinicalworks latest compatibility list or they will balk at providing any related support.
  • eClinicalworks is dependent on Internet Explorer if you using Windows.
    • Make sure you are using IE 10 or 11 or eClinicalworks simply won’t load.  Please set every user profile IE settings has “never” set under “website data settings” located in tools, internet options, browser history settings.
  • Make sure UAC is turned off
    eclinicalworks support

    Restart eCW server services.

    • This may not be an issue for deployment any more.  It was in Windows 7.
  • Disable windows personal software firewall…  Not hardware.
    • At the very least verify the “network location” is not set to “public”
  • Make sure you can edit and mark up fax images or any scanned documents.
  • Workstation or Client fixes – Re-register the DLLs when eCW starts acting a little wonky.
    • We will provide a post when we have a moment.
  • Server fixes – Restart processes on the eCW server when no one can login into the eCW system. (This is for on-site local-hosted only)

1)      Stop Tomcat then MySQL

2)      Start My SQL then Tomcat

View illustration to the right for more details about restarting eCW services if you host your own “local hosted”  eCW server.

When in doubt, contact eClinicalworks Technical Support

Create a ticket through their website and follow up on your case number if they don’t call through their support phone number unless you are working with an eClinicalworks software reseller.  eCW Support #508 475-0450.  Alternatively, submit (preferred) through the website.

I have never contacted eClinicalworks before.

Great! There’s a first time for everything.  Below is a quick guide for contacting “My eClinicalWorks” and creating your first case number.  Start by saving the web URL below as a favorite or submit to your elaborate password vault.

Submit Name, email, role, and phone number. The rest is not required.

Help Desk Dashboard


Troubleshooting and Support for eClinicalWorks Summary

These are pretty on-point steps for ongoing issues.  We also created additional resources for increasing your eClinicalworks knowledge.


Eclinicalworks Resource Links


  1. Amanda tadder June 23, 2015 at 1:57 am - Reply

    I am trying to change password but it was a security question and answer created but won’t let me type in security question box

  2. Jeffery Ervin December 15, 2016 at 2:32 pm - Reply

    I’m on Windows 7, just had a Window update last night, now E-Clinical Works won’t even attempt to open.

    • Mike February 22, 2018 at 4:18 am - Reply

      Bummer. Use window system restore if you know what you are doing.

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