Ubiquiti Dream Machine VPN
Ubiquiti Dream Machine VPN

Want to get your Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro VPN set up? Learn how in this expert written UDM Pro VPN setup guide. 



The Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro is a multi-purpose router, switch, gateway, VPN, and access point that supports WiFi and LAN networks. The UDM Pro allows users the benefit of fast internet connections while also being able to support multiple devices. With regards to other UniFi products, it can run other UniFi software as a Unifi OS console. It also offers the ability to add a hard drive for recording and monitoring cameras surveillance footage. While most other Unifi products are standalone products, the UDM Pro integrates a bunch of those components into one.

In this article, we’ll be focusing on UDM Pro VPN setup. But first, let’s explore why VPNs have gained so much popularity.


What are VPNs? 

Commercial VPN client applications alter your public IP address, location, and online activity by routing your traffic through encrypted VPN servers. Because of this, your online activity is kept secure and private from third parties and anyone who might want to monitor what you’re doing online. It is debatable just how secure commercial VPNs are vs creating your own client VPN solution with, for example, the Ubiquiti Dream Machine VPN setup.

We have very specific VPN use cases for both corporate and personal use in our post below. The Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro will always be used for corporate access, but honestly, this solution has all but fallen out of favor unless there’s a very niche circumstance.

For more information on VPNs and VPN routers, check out our article below:

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What are some other reasons for using the Ubiquiti Dream Machine VPN? 

Aside from the lack of location restrictions and increased security, VPNs have become much more widely used because they offer the following benefits and more:  

  • Traditional access to an IT infrastructure.  However, it is no longer a best practice solution. 
  • Allow users to bypass internet restrictions  
  • Allow safe access to public Wi-Fi  
  • Give users greater access to international websites while traveling  
  • Everything is automatically encrypted  
  • Offers protection from internet surveillance  
  • Improves security  
  • Offers greater privacy by hiding browsing history and location 


Got other questions about Ubiquiti? 

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get into the instructions on how to do the UDM Pro VPN setup. Or, if you have questions about other Ubiquiti products, here’s a list of all our articles on Ubiquiti so far: 


How to Set Up the Ubiquiti Dream Machine VPN 

Outlined below are our team’s instructions on how to configure the UDM Pro VPN. While we believe we have covered everything you need to know, we’re happy to help you with any issues you encounter. You can also check out our other articles above for extra guides, information, and reviews. 

The UDM Pro VPN setup and configuration is applicable on the UDM Pro router/firewall. In the steps below, you’ll be able to complete the following in order to set up your UDM Pro VPN: 

  1. Configure Dynamic DNS Service (optional) 
  2. Configure the UDM Pro VPN Server 
  3. Test the connection 


Step 1: Configure Dynamic DNS Service (optional) 
  1. Create a Dyn.com account when you subscribe to the DynDNS Pro service package ($55.00/year).


2. Sign in to the dyn.com portal and navigate to the DynDNS and Host Services management page  

3. Create a new Hostname by clicking on the “Add New Hostname” button 



4. Fill the “Add New Hostname” form as following:

– Type in your desired hostname and select one of the supported domains. 

– For Service Type choose Host with IP address and enter a dummy IPv4 address (the correct one will be pushed later from by UDM-PRO), for example: 

– Click on the Activate button 

5. Log in to UDM Pro Console, open the Network application and navigate to Settings -> Internet -> Click on the WAN connection you plan to use as your VPN gateway. 

6. Switch the Advanced section to Manual and click on Create New Dynamic DNS. 


7. Fill in the correct details for your target DDNS service provider. In our example, that would look like this: 

8. Click on the Save button.


Step 2: Configure the UDM Pro VPN Server  

Now that you’ve created your host name and configured the dynamic DNS service, let’s move onto the server UDM Pro VPN setup. If you have any questions about this VPN setup guide, feel free to reach out to us! 


  1. Log in to UDM Pro Console, open the Network application and navigate to Settings -> VPN -> Switch to VPN Server blade -> Choose one of the supported VPN servers: WireGuard/ Open VPN / L2TP. We will configure the traditional L2TP VPN server in this example. 
  2. In the Name type in whatever makes most sense to your setup.  
  3. Make sure you have a strong pre-shared key 
  4. If you do not have static public IPs and are using Dynamic DNS like we do in this example, make sure to choose active WAN as your server address – do NOT “Enter IP address manually”. 
  5. Under User Authentication click on the “Create New User” link to create a desired VPN user with a strong password.  
  6. For simplicity’s sake, we will leave Advanced settings as default (Auto). 


The UDM Pro VPN setup is complete! You should be all ready to go, but it’s always a good idea to test your connection and make sure everything is running smoothly. 


Step 3: Test the UDM Pro VPN Connection   

Half of the job of setting things up properly is just simple due diligence – let’s test out your connection with the two simple steps below: 

  1. Begin your test by going to Windows VPN Settings  
  2. Add a VPN connection (Make sure to select the VPN Type: L2TP/IPSec with pre-shared key)  

If you faced any issue, you can contact one of our IT specialists so we can help you ensure that your VPN is up and running. 


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Bonus Resources for VPN Setup Guide 

Do you still have lingering questions about VPN setup? Discover all you need to know in our articles written by industry experts, or send us a message to see how we can assist you. 


Simple UDM Pro VPN Setup & Configuration in 3 Steps Summary 

With our work and personal lives expanding beyond the boundaries of geographical limitations, VPNs are an essential part of bypassing any would-be limitations. We recommend the UDM Pro VPN for its accessibility and all-in-one functionality. A VPN setup guide like the one above should get you up and running with your new remote job or international football game, but should you encounter any problems, you can contact our team of experts to resolve the issue.  

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