Ubiquity WiFi Access Points Support
Ubiquity WiFi Access Points Support

In this article, get all of your Ubiquiti Wifi support questions you have answered!


The Ubiquiti Unifi WiFi line of products have been around for years.  They, for the most part, appear the same, but each model differs in Wi-Fi coverage, price, and generation of the product.  Check out our new Ubiquiti post and related content below if you need a refresher course in why we choose certain routers, switches, and miscellaneous Ubiquiti Unifi equipment.


Ubiquiti Unify Wave 1.


For basic coverage the wave 1 APs are fine but they are getting old. I’d consider something newer. I’d rather have a U6-lite than an AC-Lite for $99, but it all depends on what’s in stock and what price it is these days.


Ubiquiti Unify Wave 2


This is higher density and higher spatial streams on wave 2 would shine if you’re expecting a lot of users in an area like a conference room or a lobby.


Ubiquiti Unify U6 – Latest and Greatest


Keep an eye out for the U6 line of Unifi WIFI 6 products.  This is the latest release of Ubiquiti WiFi Access Points.


Give us the Pricing


We broke down the hardware specs and ballpark pricing so you don’t have to for all frequently-used Ubiquiti Wifi Access Point products.


Lite – $99

Seems ideal for home


New – Access Point WiFi 6 Lite – Ubiquiti Inc. – Wave 2

5G 1200 megabits

Same size as Nano-HD


Old – Access Point Lite – Ubiquiti Inc. – Wave 1

300 megabits



Long Range – $179

Seems ideal for warehouse

New – Access Point WiFi 6 Long-Range – Ubiquiti Inc. Wave 2

5G 2400 megabits

Old – Access Point Long-Range – Ubiquiti Inc. Wave 1

5G 867 megabits


HD – $350

2500 megabits

Access Point HD – Ubiquiti Inc.


Nano HD – $179

200 concurrent users

Access Point nanoHD – Ubiquiti Inc.

5G 1.7 G


All in one device Home product shaped like Google Home device


Other helpful Ubiquiti resources


Ubiquiti WiFi Support Summary

Business decision makers should have a better idea of what Ubiquiti WiFi Access Point hardware to proceed with but should also understand not all access points are in stock or are within their budget.  Ubiquiti WiFi Support is generally needed for deployment but having the hardware already onsite will make the installation and configuration go a heck of a lot more smoothly,



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