Autotask email processing works if you have a solid best practice setup and the right email hosting packaging.  You can head over to Autotask KB if you are lacking a basic understanding of the Autotask email processing workflow.

Additional Resources:

Google G-Suite Autotask Email Processing Steps

Here are Google (G-Suite) Mail steps for configuring a rule to re-route the incoming emails to a different recipients, all the information is detailed in the following Help Center Article

Hoorary, right?!?!?

Well, maybe…   Follow the straight forward steps illustrated below.  “” in our example below, it should be your for your business and the recipient further down the page should be the Autotask email address that processes your email for ticket creation, updates, etc.

What’s the catch?

This service, albeit very well advertised on the G-Suite console for any edition the business owns does not support S-suite legacy users.  You must upgrade.   I repeat, AUTOTASK EMAIL PROCESSING WILL NOT WORK FOR LEGACY GOOGLE G-SUITE USERS.

How about using a forwarder from the support mailbox?

This solution produced funky results in our own Legacy G-Suite environment.  Try again here…

Yes, you can set up a dedicated support mailbox within GSuite so that you can forward from GSuite to the incoming email processing mailbox in Autotask, from the original sending email that your customer used.

The forwarding options can be found with this link


What about groups with an external Autotask email address?

It use to work well.  Now its behavior is pretty erratic.

Ok, I have the paid edition of Google G-Suite


Proceed with the directions below.


Default Routing

Google admin > Gsuite > Gmail > Default Routing


Under “Console” > “Apps” > “G Suite” > “Settings for Gmail” :

1) Single recipient >

2) Specify envelope recipients >


Autotask email processing G-suite





How do I confirm it working?


Go to Google G-suite admin console.  Click reports and email log search.






Note:  This feature also does not work unless you have the paid edition of Google G-Suite.


Redirect Support Emails for G-Suite for the Autotask Email Processing Summary


I got nothing.  Sorry, this sucks.

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